Swedish Lapland – A Getaway That Will Move Your Mind

Escape your day-to-day existence and join our arctic life. Come here and enjoy the silence and freedom of our wilderness.

Tightly embraced by warm clothing, comfortably leaning back in the sled with fourteen huskies pulling you through the white wonderland. There is no sound but your own breath, the gentle creak of the sled and patter of paws on the snow. You’re traveling across the Arctic Circle and the soft polar light leads the way. Suddenly the sky beings to shift in blue and green as the Northern Lights start its dance. This is what we want to share with you. Come and lay your own tracks across the tundra, over frozen streams and through deep forestlands. Unwind and have a seat at the fire and we’ll talk about life and everything we’ve experienced during the day. Together we’ll cook our meal with raw ingredients straight from our pure nature. Reindeer meat directly from the Sami reindeer herders in the area and lingonberries found just around the corner before the frost settled. Spending time outdoors, enjoying all experiences and delicacies – that is a natural part of our everyday-life that we want to invite you to share with us.

We welcome you to come here and feel the first rays of sun warming your face in the springtime. Around us, everything is coming to life again after the winter sleep. Birds are saluting spring and reindeers are making their way to juicy feed in the mountains. We stay up half the night and still fall asleep before the sun descends. 100 days without night gives us new strength and energy, and we let the grand and wild nature embrace us. We see frozen water transform into rushing streams and rivers with promises of biting fish and refreshing dips on warm summer days.

Welcome here to discover the kindness and greatness of nature. Welcome to share our way of life.

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The resort Riksgränsen is situated on the border of Sweden and Norway — just as the name in Swedish suggests. This is the last outpost and when the blizzards reign, also where the road ends. Nevertheless, the train stop is less than one hundred metres from the hotel and the base station of the ski lifts.

Text: Therese Olofsson
Foto: Markus Alatalo, Mattias Johansson, Terje Pedersen

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Foto: Graeme Richardson

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It is virtually impossible to correctly describe the sensation of the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. The magnificence of the oscillating lights in varying shapes and forms dancing across the sky is best experienced first-hand.

Text: Therese Olofsson
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