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Escape your day-to-day existence and join our arctic life. Welcome to Swedish Lapland.

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    Snow is something more than frozen water to the Sami people. It’s a way of expressing the foundation of their existence – the migration of the reindeer. To a skier snow is also more than snow. It’s th...

    Håkan Stenlund
  • Winter bathing – a declaration of love for the cold and dark

    In February Skellefteå will host the Scandinavian Winter Bathing Championship for the fifth consecutive year. This year, the championship is also part of the Winter Swimming World Cup. The event has b...

    Ted Logart
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    A Meeting of Gods

    Galileo Galilei gave the northern lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis. A fitting description, to say the least. I’m travelling through inland Lapland, on my way home from a meeting in Arvidsjaur, ...

    Håkan Stenlund

Abisko and Aurora Sky Station – world’s best place to experience the Northern Lights

Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland offers perhaps some of the best conditions in the world for Northern Lights. The surrounding mountains keep the skies almost clear and the light pollution i...

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Is it an alien planet? No, just water.

Let the frozen sea broaden your horizon.

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