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  • 13 ways of loving the midnight light

    You play golf in the middle of the night, you take a swim when you feel like it and those who have never experienced the midnight light before wonder how they’ll ever manage to sleep. But then you mak...

  • The Vulgata Rally

    One of nature’s most beautiful displays takes place during a couple of weeks every summer. A mayfly called Ephemera vulgata hatches and every single fish in the lake go crazy when presented with such ...

    Håkan Stenlund
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    Three Wild Salmon Rivers

    There are five rivers in Skellefteå, three of which are classified as wild salmon rivers. Such a concentration of salmon waters cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden – and the crown jewel is Byske R...

    Ted Logart

Låktatjåkko – a watering hole for those who enjoy life

One thousand, two hundred and twenty-eight metres above sea level is where you find Sweden’s highest mountain hut: Låktatjåkko. It takes you a couple of hours to walk there from Björkliden and hal...

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